Study Shows We Haven’t All Gone Stupid or Gotten Duped

UK Shoppers Believe Quality Ingredients Not Price Determine Premium Products 

While staying at a friend’s house in Seattle last month I noticed a can of McSteven’s premium gourmet chocolate cocoa. The label swore to the old fashioned virtues of McSteven’s but the fact was that the ingredients weren’t.

NBN News ::: Admin Area ::: Levine Reportsuch different from what the little lady of cocoa, Miss Swiss Miss puts in her stuff. Reading the label on the McSteven’s can you’d think you were buying something that came from a virgin cocoa bean hand picked by a princess bride.

Well this week comes news that a study shows that consumer’s state that quality ingredients make a product premium while only a small portion stated that a higher price constituted a premium product.

Well, as Gomer Pyle used to say “Golly!” Now how can we get commissioned to do a study that shows consumers prefer better tasting over bad tasting ones? Let us know.


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