Does Velveeta Promote Homosexuality? American Family Association Says Yes

Kraft Resists Right Wing Rancor Over Gay Games Sponsorship

While no one I know of has ever thought of Velveeta or Kraft Cheesy Pleasures Mac & Cheese as being at the forefront of any civil rights effort, Chicago based Kraft Foods, the folks who love reducing manufacturing costs by reducing the actual amount of real food in their products, might just change that.  Not really but the Kraft empire has come up with something NBN is happy to raise of glass of soymilk to.

In response to increasing pressure and an email campaign from the right-wing American Family Association, demanding Kraft withdraw it’s support for the 2006 Gay Games held in Kraft’s corporate hometown of Chicago, the food giant issued a strong statement of support for the games, via an internal company email sent by Marc Firestone, the Executive VP and Corporate Counsel.

“You may have questions or might have had questions from friends and family about our contribution to this event. While Kraft certainly doesn’t go looking for controversy, we have long been dedicated to support the concept and the reality of diversity. It’s the right thing to do and it’s good for our business and our work environment.

Diversity makes us a stronger company and connects us with the diversity that exists among the consumers who buy our products.”

The Gay Games, modeled after the Olympics and created twenty years ago draws athletes from around the world.


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