Wild Oats Unveils Second Store in Stop & Shop NBN’s Mother Ship Sent to Investigate

While the new Wild Oats lifestyle boutique that is celebrating its grand opening today isn’t in my mother’s Stop & Shop store, it is in one just a few more miles from her house.

The conversation below took place this morning:

“Mom, I need you to be a stringer, to do some research for me.”

“Research!  On what,” she asked?

“The new Wild Oats, in the Stop & Shop.”

“I read about it yesterday.”

“So I need you to go there, pretend you’re stupid and ask questions about supplements to see if they’re up to doing this thing right.”

“Let me get a pen,” she replied.

She is heading there this weekend.  Coming soon a report from NBN’s very own spy, my mother, the woman who raised me right and fed me good food way before people knew better.


Stay Tuned!!


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