What’s Good for Monsanto Is Good For Iraq?

We recently spoke with Rob Mitchell, one of San Francisco’s natural food pioneers (but who still looks great, and much younger than his years) and he told us that under the new rules of privatization in Iraq’s proposed constitution, farmers would be required to buy seeds, from Monsanto.  Those seeds from Monsanto are, of course,GMO seeds.

We’ve done some research and while we haven’t yet determined the exact veracity of this information, we believe that it is true and part of the so called, “100 Orders,” created by Paul Bremer, the first US administrator in Iraq.  These orders were part of the United State’s efforts to eliminate state owned industries and create a vital private economy.  Or as many believe, including, NBN create a dependent economy, one that lives and breathes as American corporations demand.

We’ll do some more research on this story.  In the meantime drop us a line, if you know more about this.  We may not have it absolutely right, but at NBN we are, in the words of George W. Bush, always willing to be ‘edumacated.’

By the way years ago, as a young teen, I was thrilled to learn that my best friend’s stepfather, a chemist at Monsanto, had invented something special that goes in every shake they serve at McDonald’s.  He created the polymer that they put in them, something that keeps them thick no matter what.  I was told that you could pour one of those babies on a hot sidewalk in hell and they wouldn’t even melt, not even with flames all around it. (Okay well, maybe I’m exaggerating about the flames, but you get the drift).   By the way I used to eat McDonald’s.  I loved the fries and the shakes though I could never stand the burgers.  And I thought that invention my friend’s step dad made was cool.  Times change, huh.


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