Lessons that Hain Can Learn From Guayaki

A colleague’s account of the Canadian wedding of one of Guayaki’s founder said that the wedding was terrific, one of the best he had ever attended.  And also this: that Guayaki’s new ready to drink raspberry yerba mate is tremendous vodka mixer.

Anyone who has seen the Guayaki booth at the Expo knows the fun, passion and love these folks bring to their business.  It’s infectious.  So are their products. (Note to Irwin Simon and his Hain Food Group: pay attention to Guayaki and learn something.  Enthusiasm creates growing companies.  Say three times daily:  enthusiasm, passion and excitement, enthusiasm, passion and excitement enthusiasm, passion and excitement).

And that’s what I felt after drinking their new product. I had one after engaging in my intoxicant of choice and let’s just say all buzz but with energy too and I hadn’t danced so much since Sylvester was alive and wearing a boa.  So once again hat’s off to Guayaki.

Further kudos and congrats also for bringing on the brains behind Balance Bar’s huge rebound and success a few years back.  They’ve added Patrick Lee to take on leadership of their sales team.  I had the pleasure of working briefly with Patrick during his tenure at SPINS, and not only is he a brilliant marketer, he’s an exceptionally modest and nice guy too. (Memo to Irwin Simon:  try taking that on, too.  Repeat after me: modest and nice, modest and nice. Say three times daily).


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