Kill The Precedent: Fair Trade from Alter Ec

Okay we stole that edgy headline. It’s from Nate Mezmer’s new soul-ish, hip hop-ish album but NBN thinks that the title applies to the line of terrific fair trade products from the folks at Alter Eco.   Fair trade seeks to guarantee workers decent working conditions and revenues and to facilitate the development and steady growth of autonomous product centers.  How’s that for killing the precedent set by global markets, consumer packaged giants and every hungry agribusiness?

What’s more the product design is great.  The packaging on all the products stands out. If you’re like me you’ve groaned hundreds of times while walking the aisles of your local co-op or natural foods store looking at the latest new products from some very great folks.  I won’t name names (this time) but Alter Eco’s line is sure to make your design savvy friends smile with delight even if they don’t know fair trade from Farrah Fawcett.

Furthermore these products are either organic or in the process of being certified.  Fourteen, in all are being introduced to the US, from the French parent company, now with offices in San Francisco.

Included in the product line is the first ever fair trade rice.  Produced by growers in Thailand, three varieties are offered, including naturally jasmine scented Thai rice, a ruby rice and a coral rice (the latter are both red rice varieties.  The coral rice is polished.)  The line also includes teas, coffees, sugar and two varieties of that oh so great grain, quinoa.

Unless you’re still calling fried potatoes freedom fries NBN is certain that you’ll love these. And if you’re still calling French fries freedom fries would you get some help?  Please?  And if you won’t I’m told that the domestic business in run independent of the sister company back in France so buy some anyway.

Check out Alter Eco’s website for more information.


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