Memo To Congress: Look to Supplements, Stupid

DSEA Study Shows Possible $5 Billion Dollar Savings with Two Supplements

A study commissioned by the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance showed that the simple provision of two supplements to seniors, 65 and older would result in a whopping $5 billion dollar savings over 5 years.   The supplements studied were, omega-3 fatty acids and a lutein zeaxanthin.

Omega-3 supplementation reduces risks of cardiac disease while the antioxidant benefits of lutein and zeaxanthin provide protection against macular degeneration, which results in cataracts.   The cost savings provided by the provision of these two supplements, according to the study are the result of “reduced hospitalizations, physicians’ visits, and avoided transitions to dependency.”

Kaiser Permanente and other health maintenance organizations looking for solutions should pay attention to this study, as the benefits of supplementation, which those of us in the industry have long understood, are becoming increasingly clear.

As health care costs continue to spiral upwards, out of pocket expenses continue to grow it’s time for public health policy to include the health of the public rather than merely the health of big business.

To see more information on the study as well as encouraging news on the creation of a bipartisan committee on supplements


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