People We Love: Laloo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream

LALOO’S goat milk ice cream started in a yoga class. While I don’t know the details I know that life can light up when you stretch the body and the breath deep.

But if your yoga instructor told you to give up all cow dairy and only consume goat milk, what would you do about it? Well if you’re a Hollywood producer you might just say, Salaam and head to the nearest bar for a double Grey Goose martini.

Yet some others might really listen AND think about it. Take a trip to the freezer section and find out.

We love Laloo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream. While we haven’t tried them all (our dress pants have to fit for the Natural Products Expo West) we love the Black Mission Fig and the Molasses Tipsycake and frankly once we start getting our butt back to the gym, are looking forward to diving into a pint of chocolate cabernet as soon as you can say, pass the remote control.

Thanks to Laloo’s dairy intolerant people can just say no to Ben & Jerry and gladly say yes to Tipsycake, Chevre Chiffon, Strawberry Darling and many more flavors that make the heart sing.

We think she’s crazy but are grateful that she is. Breathe Deep and say OM!


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