Tom Collins: Wrinkles and Pimples and Laugh-Lines, Oh My!

Recently I wrote a market research report on skin treatments. Yes good old Tom doesn’t pay his bills writing these columns he loves, at least not yet. Well let’s just say this column is a reaction to that project. The whole ‘microdermabrasion this, skin-peel that, overnight miracle stuff’ just left me really depressed and reaching for one of my favorite mood formula products from Source Naturals, called, POSITIVE THOUGHTS. With that in mind here’s some food for thought as you create the rest of your life.

Well the New Year is here and the old “I’m gonna do next year better” voice starts yapping at you from deep inside your brain, do yourself a favor; take a deep breath and consider that you’re perfect, exactly as you are and exactly as you aren’t. And standing in that place look at what you want to ‘create’ in 2006, instead of fix. Call us new-age if you must but here are some ways to look at adding to the glorious vital you that already is

Skin is more than skin-deep folks. So if you’re spending lots of money at the cosmetic counter at a fancy department or specialty store, think about this: Skincare is cellular and a couple of key nutrients can help you have healthier skin as well as provide you with great benefits way beyond the chance of less wrinkles. How about less risk of heart disease and cancer and yeah, even more vitality in your day-to-day life. And remember there are no promises here, just statistical evidence, so please don’t believe all those false promises about some overnight face-lift or age reversing pills.

Start with a multi-vitamin along with vitamin C and vitamin E and if you’re female calcium, too. And if you find that you actually have the follow through to take this powerful trio on a regular basis look at expanding your regimen to include Omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene (a powerful anti-oxidant form of Vitamin A) and a B-complex if you’re experiencing high levels of stress.

This isn’t a cure here, just common nutritional wisdom based on decades of research. So ignore the hoopla about the latest trend. This isn’t a cure here, just common nutritional wisdom based on decades of research. So ignore the hoopla about the latest trend. Or, if you go for the hoopla, despite the fact the you know better or because you just really want to believe, don’t forget, take your vitamins, too.


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