Tom Collins: Plumbing Talk

Admit it. You claim to hate those people who talk incessantly about their bowel movements but secretly you’re curious. You and your friends all say, “what is it about Kathy, why is she such a freak about this?”, while secretly wondering, am I missing something? If you don’t know a Kathy prototype, imagine one of those people who get colonics as often as others get manicures or massages, someone who fasts every other month, who eats fiber and flaxseed and enjoys it as much as most of us enjoy Ben & Jerry’s.

Well, Tom believes there isn’t one path to health (at least not until the human race is replaced by robots all made with the same computer chips) but if you’re lacking vitality (energy, vim and vigor people…in other words, are you tired before you leave the house for work?) read on with an open mind.

There are lots of companies marketing products for intestinal health, and one place to learn more is to check out the website of ReNewLife, a supplement company devoted to natural therapies for digestive health. Founded by naturopathic physician, Brenda Watson, the company states that well-being starts inside. In case you didn’t get it, inside is a euphemism for your intestines, people.

While we think that some of these colonic-happy folks might be dealing with some Freudian issues as much as intestinal ones, we do know that the surge in sales of OTC and prescription drugs for constipation and indigestion (something that Big Pharma now calls Acid Reflux and makes billions of bucks on year on) tells us that there’s lots to be learned from Kathy and her kindred spirits.

ReNewLife states that 58 million Americans were diagnosed with IBS (that’s irritable bowel syndrome) last year, and over 100 million Americans seek medical care for digestive complaints annually. So even if you don’t keep a supply of Pepcid AC in your purse or eat Metamucil for breakfast as if your life depended on it, check out their website at for some interesting—if not dinner table—reading.

And let us know what you think. If you wish you didn’t have to read about your colon while drinking your morning coffee, why not send us a note about that too. One key to remember is that your mother was right: eat your vegetables. That’s a simple start to maintaining healthy digestion. Another one is exercise. Yeah, we know you’re tired of hearing that old song, but go for a walk if you don’t get to the gym.


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