Whole Foods Anti-Trust Regulatory Review Leaves Us Confuse

Before beginning we want to admit to any new readers, that when it comes to Whole Foods, NBN is the nerd in the schoolyard who loves it when the bully gets in trouble.  In other words we’re fond of slapping Whole Foods around when the company acts a bit holier than thou.

Yet for the life of us we can’t understand what in the world has our government regulators up in arms over the Wild Oats merger.  Some unsubstantiated talk has suggested that various influence makers in the corner of conventional grocers have been whispering in the ears of the FTC, but while we have no evidence of such meddling we just believe that common sense would say the merger is anti-competitive.

After as John Mackey himself has brought up, why would the regulatory agency that approved every telecommunications merger that came across its desk, not to mention the Exxon Mobil, suddenly decide that our industry, a mere pipsqueak in terms of total dollar volume, merits the watchful eye of big brother.  Curious minds want to know.


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