It’s A Bird, It’s a Plane, No It’s SUPERWEED

Genetically Modified Crops Reportedly Create New Weed

A report in the GuardianUK online edition today noted that researchers have identified a new weed that is pesticide resistant.  The super weed, identified in fields where is genetically modified rapeseed was planted, is reported to be a cross between rapeseed (commonly sold as human vegetable oil as Canola oil), brassica and charlock.

The introduction of herbicide resistant rapeseed was many in the European Union opposed by some in the European Union due to fears that seem to have been realized with the finding of this new weed.

While not currently certain if the new plant is fertile, scientists fear it’s flowers may result in rapid cross pollinisation with other ‘normal’ varieties of charlock resulting in a fast spread of the new weed, would have a huge and likely pernicious impact on farm productivity, as has been experienced already in Canada.

Emily Diamond, a Friends of the Earth Genetically Modified Organism researcher, who was quoted in the Guardian story sums up what many anti GMO activists fear most: “I was shocked when I saw this paper. This is what we were reassured could not happen – and yet now it has happened the finding has been hidden away.”


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