Clorox Goes Natural with Burt’s Bees and Green Works

NBN has had more than a few friends buried deep in Excel spreadsheets at Clorox Headquarters in Oakland, California and based on their experience we think that the November 2007 addition of Burt’s Bees to their lineup will do well. 

Everywhere we turn, there’s another Burt’s Bees display. The bigger question is, how long can the brand retain its cachet as it buzzes into nearly every type retail outlet this side of adult bookstores?

Of course, Clorox sells a potpourri of products. In addition to their namesake bleach, they’re the power behind Hidden Valley Ranch dressings, Fresh Step cat litter, Glad, Kingsford Charcoal, STP and Brita water filters, too.

In September the company announced the launch of a biodegradable cleaning line called Green Works. We’re hoping that the bleach giant brings integrity to this line, something we’ve heard that at least one other conventional brands fails to do.

In fact we were told, strictly off the record, that not so long ago Clorox was considering suing a brand name conventional manufacturer for their biodegradable claim being as authentic as a three-dollar bill, or Joan Rivers’ smooth face lines.

Furthermore, we were informed that after a lengthy investigation, Clorox’s legal beagles decided not to pursue the lawsuit. Why? Because current labeling rules are non-existent. In other words, if it ‘biodegrades’ in 1000 hours or 1,000 days or 1,000 years, it doesn’t matter, you can still call it biodegradable.


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