Has Whole Foods Replaced Your Wild Oats?

If so, we want to know what you think. We’ve heard nothing but good things from customers at the Westport, Connecticut store that WFM is transforming slowly but surely. News is that the major remodeling will come this summer, but in the meantime the folks we talked to are happy as a pig…err, bad analogy but you know what we mean.

Post a comment or send us an email about what you’ve seen. And if you’re a broker or sales rep we always want to hear from you. Guest columns are always welcome, if not always paid.

In the meantime look for our upcoming story on Whole Foods in Fairfield County, Connecticut’s Gold Coast.
The area is jammed packed full of millionaire homes and portfolios to match yet to date, mostly bereft of quality supermarkets. It’s going to change real soon.


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