Tom Collins: Who Is Tom Collins?

Tom Collins probably isn’t the love child of Andrew Weil and David Sedaris but sometimes it sure seems that way. Combining smart advice and quirky stories from his life, Collins’ writing brings vitality with humor and grace.

Tom’s rules are simple. Don’t take life too seriously, but take it seriously enough that you don’t spend it in an office cubicle when you’d rather be doing something else. His unique approach to powerful guilt-free living is a quiet oasis in the storm of our finger pointing, righteous ‘this is how you need to live’ world.

Remember when you woke up excited and didn’t want to go to bed? When everything was possible and life seemed like one great thing after another. Well its time to realize that this can happen again.

And if you’re tired all the time, don’t forget that this life is your own soap opera, and if you aren’t in a story that you enjoy ‘acting’ in it’s time to do something different.

And whether or not you believe like I do, in taking vitamins and supplements, what really matters is, are you enjoying your life?

While I believe these columns will make a difference in the quality of your life and in the prevention of disease, the real test is up to you. Only you can manage your own life, your DIS-ease. If you’re not, vitamins can only do so much.

Yours in wellness and vitality!


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