Hain Celestial Continues Expansion, Buys Nspired Foods and A Turkey Too

Hain Celestial Foods announced the acquisition of Nspired foods, makers of Sunspire, Cloud Nine and Tropical Source brands of candy, Maranatha nut butters and O’Coco’s baked chocolate crisps. 

Unlike many previous acquisitions, where Hain purchased brands in segments the company already competed in, the Nspired purchaseprovides Hain with entry into two new segments, candy and nut butter.

Commodity prices, but most notably for nuts, have been a constant source of increasing challenges for the company and one wonders if Hain, which has been noted for clumsy after-purchase management of its brands, will handle the challenge

Nonetheless, immediate benefits should be easy to gain, as Hain’s reach will likely result in greater access for all brands into conventional markets.

In another move, Hain acquired the turkey business from Pilgrim’s Pride. While no price was announced it’s likely that Hain got a rock bottom price as the poultry processor recently closed seven plants and curtailed nearly 1,000 jobs. Hain entered the fresh poultry in 2006 with its purchase of Freebird in 2006.

Coincidentally, the poultry business has been facing similar commodity challenges, as the price of feed, notably corn and soy, has been skyrocketing.


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