Is Good Eating Good Enough? Pollan, Supplements and Health

Maybe we missed the memo, or accidentally erased a voice mail, but somehow we never got the word that  Americans eat so well that they don’t really need to supplement their diet with nutrients.  Eating a well-balanced diet is all you need.

Of course in theory we agree, yet in a nation of over processed foods where diabetes and obesity are at epidemic levels, this faith in eating well, doesn’t seem much more realistic than that scene with ET flew on the bicycle with his adorable earthling pal, Elliot.

Michael Pollan’s recent book, confuses the matter further.  As noted here Pollan fails to distinguish between noteworthy supplementation and those fake ones that seek to increase sales of everything from water to baking mixes.  He brilliantly notes the over processing of everything, yet the article fails to distinguish the difference between vitamin enhanced water and actual vitamins.

Unfortunately NBN is among the seemingly shrinking number of people who understand that proper nutritional supplementation, or nutritional medicine, if you will, is key to a new paradigm for effective health care.

This new paradigm would be more effective and less expensive than our current system.  And while yes, drugs would still play a role, it wouldn’t be at the expense of other alternatives that are ass effective but less profitable for businesses.

In an expansion of previous research the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance estimates that the U.S.could save $24 billion in health care costs through the administration of simple supplements such as calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid and Lutein-zeaxanthin blends.

Of course skeptics say the verdict is out on the effectiveness of these products.  The real issue is of course, that they can’t be patented, and thus profits are limited.


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