Industry Advice-Ask The Buyer By Gene Fieldstone

Dear Gene,
I arrived early for my 8:30 am appointment after flying in on the red eye. By 10:15 I had finished two expense reports and compiling notes for the launch of our new Chipotle Wasabi Merlot Mustard Zing Sauce. An hour later the buyer emerged and yelled “What the &*%$ are you still doing here?”Gene, what did I do wrong?

Confused in Condiments,

Dear C in C,

Wake up and smell the mustard! Don’t you realize that buyers are busy people! Frankly, while we do enjoy the occasional free lunch with a few of you, do yourself a favor — minimize expectations and things might go better. And one other thing, when stood up for a meeting, don’t sit there all day like a lonely church mouse. Thats embarassing. Just leave a bag of samples and get out.


Editor’s Disclaimer: This is a satire. Any actual resemblance to any person, living or dead is unintended. Any homophonic resemblance to a name you know is a cheap, yet brilliant attempt to gain publicity for this site.


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