New York Times On Clorox Green Works

Maybe once again we expect too much from the media. But it seems like common sense that a piece in in today’s New York Times in a section called Greening Business discussing Clorox’ new Green Works line of soap and cleansers, would have to devote more than just give a mere passing mention to the company that started it all, here in the U.S., Seventh Generation. 

To give you some context, the Times piece is equal to writing a story about the reconstruction of Europe in the 40’s and 50’s, and not mentioning that there was something called World War II that preceded it.

If you don’t know about Seventh Generation check them out. We love this company. And if you’re thinking of buying Clorox’ Green Works, we recommend you use Seventh Generation’s instead. Buying Green Works from Clorox is a bit like asking the guy who accidentally burned down your house a couple of years ago, to feed your dog while you’re on vacation this spring. In other words, you might want to trust somebody else.

Of course, Clorox claims that they have finally made a product that is green and works well. Bull-dookey!! That’s been going on for years, developed by companies like Seventh Generation here and Ecover abroad, who are more interested in triple bottom line ethics that care for more than just the numbers on a quarterly sales report.

While robustly diverse, with brands ranging from Kingsford Charcoal to Brita Water Filters, and most recently, Burt’s Bees, the fact is Clorox has been faced with shrinking margins and while we like their new ‘green’ facelift, it doesn’t mean we like their products.After all, don’t forget the bleach that made the money that grew the company that bought Burt’s Bees and that is now looking to exploit the mega-trend of sustainability through a commitment that has all to do with profits and little to do with principles.

Okay we’ve said enough. Maybe we’re bitter because we know we could have written a much better piece. No, let’s restate that. We are upset because we expect more from The Times.

Read the piece and let us know what you think.


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