Department of Justice Approves Sirius Merger, Leaving Us Wondering More About Scrutiny over Whole Foods Purchase of Wild Oats

Regular readers know that we were a bit confused about why the seemingly merger-happy Federal Trade Commission deemed Whole Foods’ purchase of Wild Oats as anti-competitive. It just didn’t make sense. Even if you believe, like we do, that the government should be more involved in the regulation of mergers, this one left us scratching our heads thinking, either we’re dumber than we thought, or more likely, something isn’t (surprise, surprise) right in good old Washington.

The recent news about the approval of the merger of America’s two satellite radio giants left us wondering anew, how come Whole Foods gets such scrutiny, while those that dominate other industries (say, Exxon and Mobil, for one) seem to get a free pass. Especially in an emerging market like satellite radio, the comparisons to the Wild Oats purchase are, at least on the surface, so uncannily similar, we were thinking, “what the $#&@& is going on?”

For more on Sirius deal, with links to the government’s assertion that this move is not anti-competitive and statements to the opposite visit PC Magazine.

We’re hoping someone out there can help us figure this one out.

Post your comments or send us an email. Curious minds want to know.


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