Soda Club Home Soda Maker Stands Out in a Greenwashed World

These days, every PR person has a client that is going green. Whether it’s a corporate law firm or a leaf blower maker, they bombard NBN with so many emails touting their earth-saving innovations that you’d think that polar bears were dancing in the Arctic Circle celebrating the end of global warming. 

Well, recently amidst the slew of all this green-washed gunk, something caught our eye.

But first a little detail. NBN is addicted to sparkling water—the gassier, the better. And our love for what we like to call “Jewish table wine” just got a little bit easier and lot more green when we saw the news item about the Soda-Club. In fact, when we read about the Soda-Club’s home soda machines we nearly flipped our yarmulkes. LOL.

But before speaking with Brittany Roth, the PR maven for the company, we were tentative, figuring the product wouldn’t be as great as the press release made it seem. NBN remembers our sharp disappointment years ago when we bought those dreadful little CO2 cartridges, with the hope we could have seltzer the old fashioned way. Those were fine if you sipped seltzer like a dessert wine, but that’s not our style. We gulp, so we returned to buying seltzer by the case, and the case and the case.

These little machines didn’t disappoint us. They are terrific. The Soda-Club’s home carbonating machines not only let you make seltzer or soda to your own personal gassy specifications, they of course eliminate lots of waste. No more bottles.

The machine is small, lightweight, easy to use, and most importantly (at least to this seltzer loving Semite) comes with a CO2 cartridge that provides gas for an average of 110 one liter bottles of seltzer. Soda-Club packages start at $79.95 and include two carbonating bottles.What’s more, the CO2 cartridge is refillable, so when you’re done you call the local soda club affiliate near you and pay just $19.95 for the refill.

When we first tried it we had several worries. One was that the over-chlorinated H2O from our Trumbull, CT water supply might leave the seltzer tasting like watered down sparkling bleach. No problem, it tasted great—better in fact than when drinking the water cold from the tap.

The other fear was that if we set the damn thing up wrong, we might just blow the kitchen to smithereens, a problem for sure. The thing is easier to use than most new coffee machines. Plus, there’s even an upscale model that comes with a lovely glass carafe that even your fanciest friends would love.

While we haven’t tried any of the soda or energy drink mixes, we love our homemade seltzer almost as much as chocolate cake and ice cream. Seriously.

Oy vey, are we thirsty. Time to make some seltzer!


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