Simple and Concise: Dont Stop Taking Your Vitamins

We cringed yet again upon reading this story from the Washington Post unintelligently recounting studies about the value of vitamins. Lately we’ve been cringing so much., as more and more health writers scribe uniformed articles about the value of vitamins, that we’re worried that our blood pressure might get higher than the crowd at a Grateful Dead show.

Memo to self: reinstate morning meditation routine ahead of reading the news.

So its obvious why were happy to discover this response, a letter to the editor from Lise Alschuler, the President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians explaining why so much of the research into nutritional supplementation doesn’t add up to much more than, well, a tax stimulus refund check when you’re facing foreclosure.

She and her colleagues made NBN’s Industry Top 50 and from her sober response we can tell not only that she knows her stuff but that she keeps her cool, too, even if the face of increasingly ninny-headed-nonsense from the national news media. I wonder if she meditates.


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