Thoughts on Fair Trade Day

If you’re not aware of the growing social movement to create market-based approaches to reducing poverty throughout the globe take a look at Transfair to learn more.

For information on where to purchase fair traded products such as coffee, tea, rice, sugar, cacao, fruit and flowers that guarantee fair prices to the farmers and their families search here for a growing list of products and stores.At NBN, we value our contribution as an industry watchdog, though sometimes it seems that we do nothing more than complain. A lot. Sure, we like to think it is constructive and informative, but sometimes it seems like so much whining.We’re whining about how lousy supermarkets are and whining about Whole Foods foibles. Whining about Big Pharma’s fecklessness and whining about a President that is careless and cold-hearted. Wait, maybe that last one is more of a protest, but you get the point.

Whining that only the privileged can do. After all, who cares about the quality of one’s food when you don’t have enough of it to eat?

So the next time we moan about the price of our organic whatever, berate Exxon and Chevron, or blather on about how much red peppers have gone up since last time we bought them, we’re going to take a deep breath and have some perspective.

You see, we got lucky. When we popped out of the womb, when our DNA miraculously formed the person known as us, we landed in rich place called America. There’s enough to eat and no one I know is working twelve or fourteen hours picking rice or coffee or cacao for barely enough to money to eat.

So for now, it’s time for gratitude, acknowledging the things so easy to take for granted.

If you need a reminder about the problem’s facing the world’s poorest take a look here.

Like us, you may not have a summer home or even own a home, but if your floor isn’t made of dirt, you’re privileged. Think about it.


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