Caldrea, Mrs. Meyers Bought by S.C. Johnson

As reported in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal on April 28, Minneapolis based Caldrea, makers of the highly successful Mrs. Meyers brand of biodegradable laundry, house and pet cleaning products was purchased by S.C. Johnson for an undisclosed sum.

S.C. Johnson & Son, makers of Windex, Raid, Scrubbing Bubbles and Ziploc bags is the second large CPG to enter the green cleaning market, following Clorox which launched its Green Works last year. 

Unlike industry leader Seventh Generation and most other green cleaning brands, which heavily rely on strong environmental and health related marketing, Mrs. Meyers utilizes smartly designed packaging and graphics to create a retro feel that has led to great success in both natural stores as well as in gaining distribution in a wide variety of upscale stores, that previously hadn’t sold green cleaning supplies.

According to the report, founder Monica Nassif will remain as president and CEO of the company, and its 50 employees will remain based in Minneapolis.

For more on Seventh Generation’s Jeffrey Hollender long leadership in developing the market for sustainable household goods, see our Industry Top 50 list .


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