Gourmet Pet Food, Satin Pet Beds, Elegant Pet Burials—How About Getting Fido Cloned

Well we know some people love their pets more than their spouses and frankly we don’t blame anyone who does. Not that we don’t believe in love and marriage. We do. 

But we also love cuddly and cute furry critters and the fact that humans have an ever increasingly hard time communicating, well that only makes them more irrestistable. To some the allure of a pet who thinks you’re the best thing in the world is as good as it gets.

So when we got an email announcing a contest to Clone Your Best Friend we thought this must be a joke. Come on, I mean clone your dog, this can’t be real. We still have a hard time believing our cell phone can take a picture and send it to our friends in Europe. So cloning a dog must be a joke.

Well we were wrong. This wasn’t a satire worthy of The Onion. We emailed the contact for the company and we learned that it’s true, there was a contest–though sorry folks,its over. The winner of the clone your dog contest will be announced this Friday.

BioArts, in partnership with a Korean firm licensed the cloning technology from the folks who brought the world Dolly the cloned sheep. According to the company’s website they are a Life Science firm that focuses on “unique and untapped bio-tech markets.” Will cloned cats be next? Lord knows I miss my old kitty Moondance, so lets…well never mind.

BioArts is also having a series of auctions too, so if you really miss old Scruffy, and can put down a starting bid of $100,000 well get going and register because for now, there only a few opportunities to bring your beloved back in a new edition. From July 5th through the 9th, there will be one auction daily, each lasting 12 hours. The last auction winner won with the sky high I wanna clone my dog price of $180,000.

Those dogs in the picture, well aren’t they are the cutest cloned puppies you’ve ever seen. BioArts CEO Lou Hawthorne pictured with the clones, states that nine-month old Mira, and the four month old Shingu and Sarang are lovable and reportedly very much like their genetic predecessor, Missy.

The pups were part of the Missyplicity Project to clone the beloved Missy. And as they say on the website MISSY ACCOMPLISHED.

While speaking to folks working with the company we discovered that while some were excited about cloning dear old Rover the volume of hate fueled feedback was quite high and from folks as far flung as the devoutly religious to the devoutly vegan.

So here’s our take on it. C’est la vie. Technology continues to change life as we know it. Or in this case clone life as we don’t know it. Lets just hope it doesn’t release a canine version of the Andromeda Strain. That might be worse than eight years of you know who in the White House.

In the meantime be nice to your friends and strangers too, because people are lonely and whether or not they want to clone their beloved dog or just need a hug, the world isn’t an easy place.

And if this is all a joke we we’re glad to be fooled because we think the world is half crazy and the other half, even more amazing. And also because we can’t afford a research department either.


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