LaraBar Bought by General Mills

We’ve been in business long enough and worked in the food business even longer that we know that when someone sells, it isn’t doesn’t mean someone is selling out. 

It might just mean that they’re tired, bored, or just got some kids to put through college. We’re not sure if any of these apply to Lara Merriken, founder of Humm Foods LaraBar, which was just purchased for an undisclosed amount by none other than the big Kahuna itself, General Mills.

General Mills will be adding LaraBar to its Small Planet Foods division, which runs its other natural and organic acquisitions, Cascadian Farms and Muir Glen two innovative companies that have gotten rather humdrum under the umbrella of the multi-category Minnesota giant.

When a colleague emailed me about the purchase, I wrote back “good for her…I mean Lara. Cool company, great product and nice lady, but no doubt it will soon become boring as all hell.”

His reply was twofold: first, with a reminder that my cynicism and snarkiness are boring and a bit reactionary and then with a paean to the Cashew Cookie LaraBar.

“The cashew Larabar was an epic product— it reminds you how truly horrible most other snack bars are.”

We agree though as regular readers know NBN loves Clif Bars nearly as much as his eighty-year old mother.

While we don’t know what inspired the sale, nor whether Merriken will continue on with the company or not, stay tuned. We’ve emailed them to get an interview.

As for other inspired folks who’ve sold but not necessarily sold out, read our story on Seth Goldman’s of Honest Tea’s equity partnership with none other than Coca-Cola.

And let us know what you think.


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