Rachel’s Yogurt Expands Dean Food’s Reach

We hate to admit it.  When first saw the smart packaging and interesting flavors of Rachel’s Yogurt we wondered “Wow, who’s making this?” What enterprising start up had the nerve to enter the costly  and competitive yogurt market and with such a large number of flavors as well?

In fact, when we looked at the back and saw it was made in Boulder, Colorado, the town that is to natural foods what Mecca is to Islam, we wondered if it was made by someone we knew.

Well here’s the skinny on this low-fat all natural yogurt.  It is from someone we know but not personally.  Instead its from the folks at www.deanfoods.com Dean Foods, the world’s largest dairy. More precisely its from the brilliant folks at the company’s White Wave Foods Division, who manage Dean’s Horizon Organic and Silk Soy milk, and other premium brands.

Dean bought the British Rachel’s brand in 1999. There it continues to sell organic milk and yogurt. Last year it launched Rachel’s Yogurt here in the U.S.

What’s so startling about the brand is twofold.  First there’s the beautiful packaging.  Black with vivid colors associated with the flavors. And those flavors just shine. They include a line called Essense all of which are associated with a mood: vitality, refresh, calm, relax or glow.  Pomegranate Acai, Vanilla Chai and Plum Honey Lavender are just a few, while other flavors in their exotic line include Pink Grapefruit Lychee and, Marionberry Guava.  In addition all the yogurts are enhanced with DHA essential fatty acids and probiotics.

While we prefer our yogurt from smaller processors like Redwood Hill and Springfield Creamery–see our Industry Top 50 List</a>  for more on these yogurt pioneers –this brand is as innovative and exciting as any big food manufacturer can get.

Most often corporate players in the natural marketplace lose their creativity. This line is an  exception to that rule.  As regular readers know NBN likes to root for the little guys but we can’t help but liking this yogurt.  We hate over-marketed products but Rachel’s toes the line just right and is done to perfection.

We wonder what the folks at Stonyfield are working on in response?  Curious minds want to know.


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