Whole Foods and The Federal Trade Commission Battle Royale

While NBN is a frequent critic of Whole Foods but the claim that they are creating a monopoly is baseless. Even for those of us who favor greater regulation of business this makes no sense.All the trends points to the opposite fact. Natural and organic products are everywhere. Products that once available only in natural food stores are now available anywhere.Safeway’s O Organic brand surpassed an estimated $250 million in 2008 and is now being sold to other retailers. Target offers organic and fair trade items under its Archer Farm label.

Further, given the fact that the economic collapse was caused in great part due to a lack of government oversight and regulation, the sudden dogged determination of the Federal Trade Commission to protect consumers and reverse Whole Foods purchase of Wild Oats is even more unfathomable.

One might say it makes about as much sense as Bank of America’s purchase of Merrill Lynch and Countrywide Mortgage. It defies belief.

So one wonders why? This story is worthy of a comic film with Peter Sellers yet like too many things in the news today, if you tried to sell this as a script, no one would buy it because its just too plain stupid.


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