Hartman Group On The Ecology Of Food Retailing and FREE Webinar

Once again NBN found an essay from the research firm The Hartman Group to be worthy of multiple reads and the focus of several dinner party conversations. 

Well, actually only one took place over dinner. The other discussions were over bourbon at various bars and both friends and more than one bartender were impressed with my insight, even with proper credit to Hartman.

This time Hartman explores what it calls the Ecology of Food Retailing. Whether you’re a brand manager, a salesman or merely someone who wonders why going to Stop & Shop for groceries gives you such a headache read the essay here.

And while we at it here’s another recommendation.

Sign up for a free Webinar on the growth of Private Label and three key battlefields for brand loyalty. Register for the free fifteen minute Private Label 2010 Webinar and tell you’re boss (or if you’re fancier than us, you’re secretary) to hold all your calls.


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