Mackey, Health Care, Fat Loss Incentives and The Cranky Critics

Well we’re beginning to think that if John Mackey were to save a baby from a burning house more than a few would complain he forgot to get the little tyke’s teddy bear, proving he’s a villain to the core. 

Criticism over Whole Foods recent announcement that it was offering incentives to employees through a voluntary program offering greater discounts to who are less fat (or more skinny) leaves us scratching out head.

As a former fat kid who was called Fat Matt for years I understand that it isn’t easy losing weight. But unless you’ve been living under a pile of rocks (or maybe a pile of rock candy) the growth the obesity and diabetes, lifestyle diseases leaves NBN thinking good for Whole Foods. With all apologies to those with large waists isn’t it nice to be offered an incentive to take better care of your health?

For more on this issue take a gander over to TriplePundit a great website that provides a wide variety of thoughts on Triple Bottom Line business practices including these efforts to get fatter employees in better shape.


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