Honey Pack Up the Car We’re Going Off the Grid

Ever since NBN saw John Cassavete and Gena Rowlands in Paul Mazurksy’s contemporary film version of  THE TEMPEST we’ve dreamt about moving away from it all. 

The funny thing is this was long before NBN had even reached the not so ripe age of thirty. So you might imagine the dream still lives but frankly its alive only in concept not just because were addicted to Facebook and Farmville.
No, since growing older NBN has different dreams, more common less robust and far less demanding. In fact we look forward to Dwell Magazine so much folks have said its like a dirty old man waiting for his monthly copy of Playboy to arrive in the mailbox.

A home with an open floor plan, wide open vistas of mother nature that of course utlizie high efficiency glass and proper siting to take advantage of mother nature’s thermal side make us drool. Add some bamboo floors and recycled glass tiles on a big kitchen island that opens up into the hearth that also heats the place and you’ve got NBN’s version of Hugh Hefner’s mansion.

But until NBN gets an actual home with him name on the property title that, like a visit to our local Hooter’s Restaurant is not gonna happen anytime soon.

In the meantime if you serious about doing something more than upgrading your home but actually looking to upgrade your power lines, plumbing and take it back to the land somewhere this side of Walden Pond have we got the book for you.

OFF THE GRID,w ritten by published by Gibbs Smith

Good luck on your move and don’t forget to send us an invitation to come visit, preferably when your children are away at grandmother’s. Oh yeah and before you sell the split-level ranch in the suburbs make sure to take a quick visit at this brilliant satire of the modernist ethos. Be careful about drinking while reading Unhappy Hipsters because you might laugh so hard you’ll spit up your chai latte. because you might laugh so hard you’ll spit up your chai latte.


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