SolarDay 2010 — Celebrate, Create the Future

While news stories continue to report China’s growing leadership in the development of solar power and other forms of clean energy, NBN was glad to learn of a powerful coalition of solar advocated growing here at home.

SolarDay launched last year is a national and global effort seeking to raise awareness of the benefits of solar energy, encourage the adoption of solar and other clean technologies, all as part of SolarDay’s larger goal of creating more sustainable lifestyles and businesses across the planet. 

In 2010 the second annual SolarDay will be held on Saturday, June 19 – two days before the official start of summer. Interested individuals, community groups and government organizations wishing to create community events can access a wide variety of tools at the SolarDay website follow events across the nation on
Facebook too.

In addition to efforts here in the U.S., SolarDay’s Light the Night™ and Solar Villages™ programs work with manufacturers, governments and NGO’s to provide low-cost solar power in developing nations for use in clean water development, crop processing, as well as providing increased access to lighting and telecommunications.

Let’s hope someday we can update that old adage of government putting a chicken in every pot, with a photovoltaic cell on every roof. Okay so it doesn’t quite translate but you know what we’re talking about.


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