Better Options for Germ Fever

We’re old school. Whether it’s constant chatter about the H1N1 virus or volunteering at the ever so sneeze ridden High Horizons Elementary School in Bridgeport, Connecticut we just wash our hands a lot and JUST SAY NO to Purell and those other hand sanitizers. 

Call us paranoid and you might be right but NBN worries that all this hand rubbing with chemical laden sanitizers will one day create a new breed of microbes that only Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone could have created until now.But if you’re a bit more cautious or not so paranoid or are away from a place you can wash those ten little fingers with water, take a look at the products from CleanWell and EO Products and rub those hands to your heart’s delight and those germs dismay.CleanWell products are made with a blend of thyme oil, are petrochemical free and don’t contain the Triclosan, the chemical found in conventional sanitizers which some researchers believe can disrupt endocrine (we’re talking about hormones here) function.In addition to their soap, hair,bath, body and shave products EO Products also offers a line of sanitizers that also feature plant based ingredients as well as organic, non-GMO alcohol. These also avoid using Triclosan.Both companies offer a range of sanitizers in desktop bottles, pocket sized sprays and handy dandy (but a bit eco-wasteful)wipes.

Look for them at Whole Foods, and other natural supermarkets. CleanWell is also available at Target, VitaminShoppe and GNC. EO is also available for order on the company website.


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