The Ginger People Spice Up Expo West

Let’s begin with an editorial disclaimer. NBN loves this brand. The Ginger People make honest products and unlike so many manufacturers today, aren’t peddling their wares based on some mildly truthful health claims. What they do peddle is good tasting products wrapped up in playfully creative packaging. 

We bee lined to the booth to see if they were serving that great tasting Ginger-Gizer which the company states delivers “a potent (and delicious) ‘tripled up’ ginger beverage that promises to deliver energy without additives.” (Translation–no guarana, B vitamins or other stuff added.)

As we reached to fill up our cup a second time we glanced away from the juice dispenser into the booth and saw what we feared was an hallucinogenic reactions to eating so many damn samples in the course of our first few hours at the show.

Upon closer inspection we relaxed. Mental illness hadn’t descended upon this little website guru yet. Turns out that the odd mugs and outfits were all part of the company’s playful promotion. Everyone was dressed up as the citizens of a make believe place called Ginger Town. At least we think its make believe.

Good job folks. But next year please be sure to add a few extra dollars to the trade show budget so you can stock more liquor for your ginger cocktail hour. NBN got there too late to enjoy anything with vodka.


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