Americans Crave More Food While Watching TV

I Lost the Remote and Now I’m Starving. 

According to a recent study by Americans get their biggest food cravings watching TV. The second most likely pace to get food cravings is at work. Given that we’re often bored staring at the boob tube (excluding Law & Order, of course) and pretending to be busy at work while merely counting the minutes till quitting time, isn’t this study saying something obvious? Bored minds crave stimulus and the stimulus we love best is food.

The survey notes that if Americans could eat unlimited quantities of any food and not gain weight, 26% would pick ice cream, followed by pizza (22%) and cheeseburgers (13%). Foods Americans dream most frequently about were steak/beef/burgers (11%), followed by ice cream, chocolate candy and seafood/sushi (10% each).


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