Calcium Reporting is ALL WRONG–Bad Science, Lousy Reporting

In case you were wondering how thousands and thousands of calcium studies over dozens of years could be so wrong, stop wondering, because they weren’t.

Fact is, the recent calcium study by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), a U.S. government program showed a 29% reduction in bone fractures.

Yet, as powerfully noted by Mike Adams, see. the mainstream press, reported little benefit. Once again the reporting of science resembles the mimicry of a toucan crying ‘Polly want a cracker.” Mainstream press reports follow the lead of conventional medicine, and in the process ignore the bankrupt system of healthcare in the U.S., which as noted previously here, is the most expensive, least effective healthcare system of all Western nations.

Adams points out the study’s methodology were flawed.

“It’s sort of like running a study to see whether crack is addictive, but then basing your results on all the people who never smoked crack and wouldn’t even if you paid them to. “Gee,” you might conclude, “I guess crack isn’t addictive after all.” Similarly in this calcium study, when you count all the people who didn’t take the calcium, then of course the results indicate that calcium does nothing. It’s just another clever way to lie with statistics (well, actually, not that clever, but certainly clever enough to fool the mainstream media).

So take your vitamins and remember not to believe everything you read, even here, unless of course you’re my mother.


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