Chromium Gets FDA Approval—Health Claim for Diabetes Approved

In case you think chromium is just for the fenders on cars built before 1980, think again. A recent FDA ruling allowing qualified health claims for chromium picolinate might mean you’ll see cereal boxes touting ‘added chromium.’

As the supplement savvy NBN readers know, chromium, in the form of chromium picolinate, has been shown to possibly reduce insulin resistance and prevent Type II diabetes. An essential trace mineral, it is as chromium necessary for metabolizing sugar and maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Type II diabetes usually arises in middle age as resulting of the body’s inability to utilize insulin. Overweight and inactive people are most susceptible, which is why this is sometimes called a lifestyle disease, and women develop it more than men. The good news is that the best prevention is simple. Exercise, eating high fiber foods and maintain a healthy weight is the best defense against Type II diabetes. For more information we recommend Dr. Andrew Weil’s website.


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