Contest: Find the High-Five-ing Happy WFM Clerks Cheerily Stocking the She

Newsweek’s Puff Piece Good But Come On

Send us a photo, candid shots only please, (or really artfully staged recreations) of any two clerks stocking shelves, slicing cheese, or patting parsley on the produce rack, exchanging high fives and you will receive a prize donated by whatever manufacturer friend happens to be good enough to send me something special.

In case you missed the inspiration for this contest, good for you, cause that means you don’t waste your time reading Newsweek. That said, I’ll fill you in and quote the piece from March 21st entitled THE GREEN MACHINE.

“Walking the aisles, the staff is constantly high-fiving and cheering. Can they really be this enthusiastic about stocking shelves?”

Send us your photos and we’ll publish them, with, or without your name.


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