Egg Agribusiness Gets Aggro Over Oats Cage Free Policy

Is Corporate America Really That Pathetic? 

Okay so maybe corporate America isn’t ill willed and pathetically whiny, but lately I’ve been wondering about big agribusiness. Remember when the beef lobby for talking common sense health about eating red meat sued Oprah? Ever buy fresh chicken that is as frozen as the Ben & Jerry’s chunky monkey? Ground beef recalls, poor inspection at plants, poorer enforcement and even weaker fines on the few that get caught.

But no big agribusiness isn’t content to have the government in its silk lined pockets. It acts like a little kid bullied by the guys in the 9th grade time and time again. Recently the United Egg Producers, spun some scrambled facts in response to Wild Oats Markets, working with the Humane Society of the United States announced that it would avoid selling any eggs from caged birds. The largest egg trade association claimed that cage free production increases risks of disease, and that the poor poultry was at greater risk from predators. Anyone who’s seen pictures of factory farms might have a hard time believing the UEP cares about the health of its chickens. Oh wait, I guess it’s the eggs that count.


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