Got Milk Gets Bashed As Book Suggests Dairy Leading Cause of Osteoperosis

A new book suggests that milk may be a leading cause of osteoporosis. The Milk Imperative by Russell Eaton looks a numerous studies all of which suggest milk isn’t the health food all those cute got milk mustache advertisements want us to believe. Most notably, countries with the highest dairy product consumption, such as the United States and Finland, suffer high osteoporosis and hip fracture rates. According to the book milk consumption depletes the bone-making cells in our body.

While we’re not qualified to analyze Eaton’s claims in full we have long felt that the got milk campaign was just a little full of, lets just say manure. So if you’re gulping down a big old glass of skim milk with your morning toast to protect your bones, do some research. And remember lots of foods –broccoli, spinach, oranges, tofu, peanuts, peas, baked beans, salmon and sardines (YUCK we hate sardines) are great sources of calcium.


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