Hansens and Anheuser Busch in Talks

Time and time again, we’ve seen it. A category leader tries to launch a new product and it flies like a duck. The point there is that ducks can’t really fly. They’re clumsy like NBN on roller blades, really, really clumsy.

Whether it’s a corporate culture of bankrupt ideas or just the nature of bureaucracy, opportunities to create new products is oddly left to those who are crazy enough to do it, when the odds say that they shouldn’t.

So NBN wasn’t surprised to read the Anheuser Busch is partnering with Hansen’s, a company whose stock rose toward the $100 heaven with the help of yet another ghastly tasting energy drink that is fueling the Echo Boomers, like double lattes are fueling my kind in their 30’s and beyond.

Wonder if those Clydesdales would do well with some Monster Energy Drink mixed in with their feed. I can see the holiday commercial now. Yes, Clydesdales drinking some Monster and saving the holiday, or the sweet old lady in the burning down house.

Well you get the picture here. Consumerism, aint it grand, folks, aint it just grand!


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