Kudos to Companies Using Green Energy

But For Crying OUT LOUD, Stop Bragging So Much! 

A recent look at a well designed Kettle Foods brochure that touted the company’s history secret also notes. among other things that in 2003 the company powered several of its vehicles on biodiesel fuel and more importantly that it added the Pacific Northwest’s largest commercial solar panels on its roof.

We love renewable energy, a lot. We were weened on. No really! Way back in the 1970’s when the energy crisis hit, you remember gas rationing, right, my family put solar panels on the house in Stamford, Connecticut long before, well way before anyone else did. And come to think of it, some of my best friends drive bio diesel cars and a few others own hybrids.

Seriously though, our kudos to Clif Bar and Kettle but when Dean Foods’ White Wave and even Wal-Mart start touting their green hearted support of wind energy and more NBN says WHOA Nellie.

For all you marketing gurus we realize that this saves you money, so unless you’re really creating change like Clif Bar has been or Kettle Foods, don’t tell us how great you are just because you bought wind power in order to get tax credits.

At the same time we really,REALLY DO APPRECIATE the effort. But NBN really wishes more of you were doing more than just seeing where you can create positive cash flow and marketing hype by going ‘green.’

Until then, spare us the hot air. The planet is getting warm enough without it.


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