Lets Fatten Up The Youngsters: Whatever Happenened to the Dietary N Word?

For adults, some of us take time off around the holidays. Time off that is to eat lots of stuff we otherwise do our best to avoid: high calorie, high fat goodies, that offer little in the way of the N-word–nutrition, we mean. Well a report by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies found, with NO surprise to NBN, that food and beverage marketing to children ages 12 and under is all about urging youngsters to eat high calorie, low nutrient foods and high-profit foods (the mention about profits is our addition, and not from the study).

While not surprising, once again the media lapped up this news like a kitten to a bowl of milk. The fact that food companies, like the pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested in public health, but interested in healthy profits, continues to surprise our news outlets is reason for concern. And maybe a stiff drink too.


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