NBTY Revisits the Past In Effort To Bolster Solgar, Rand Skolnick To Consult

Good news for those concerned that new owners, Nature’s Bounty might muck up 58 years of quality. NBN has heard from our good friend, San Francisco natural foods retail pioneer, Rob Mitchell, that Nature’s Bounty has hired former President, and son of the Solgar’s founder, Rand Skolnick to serve as a consultant.

While Skolnick’s tenure is as of yet unspecified, we learned that Nature’s Bounty intends to utilize Skolnick during the transition and beyond. NBTY announced their purchase of Solgar June 7th, 2005.

Solgar fans, like NBN, can rest a bit easier with the news that suggests the so-called gold standard in supplements is likely to stay that way. Skolnick’s commitment during his tenure running Solgar was clear and hopefully NBTY will follow where he leads.


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