NYC Union Expands Campaign Against Whole Foods

‘Right Wing’ Views Of WFM CEO To Be Publicized

If you read NBN regularly, you know we love calling Whole Foods, America’s glitziest non-union grocer. When WFM’s second store launched on Union Square the site of many important battles in America’s labor movement, that the ghost’s of labor past were likely shaking their heads.

Well if the labor union ghosts are reading this, they’ll be happy to hear that the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1500, is expanding it’s campaign against the anti-union store, by publicizing what is calls, and we agree, are the conservative, right-wing views of CEO John Mackey.

Mackey, renowned both for his business acumen as well as his staunch opposition to all unions, including the United Farm Workers, will likely relish the opportunity to engage in this debate. We’re looking forward to it.

And in case you’re thinking that folks working in WFM’s stores are a bunch of hippies saving up cash before their next trek to India, think again. They’re not.

Meanwhile the UFCW is also stepping up its campaign against another fashionable, up market NYC chain, the 4-store Garden of Eden chain. Thanks to Supermarket News daily update for bring this to our attention.


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