Organic Valley Steps Up Beyond the Horizon

Fund Created to Assist Conventional Dairies Transition

Organic Valley announced last week the creation of a transition fund to support conventional dairy farmers facing the challenging and initially costly steps in becoming certified organic. OV’s transition fund, created in partnership with Stonyfield Farm, will pay farmers a premium above the market rate cost of their non-organic milk, thus not only supporting those small farms who face risks in transitioning, but also encourage others to make the leap.

Rapid sales of Stonyfield’s organic yogurts, combined with the overall growth of organic milk sales, has left organic moo juice supplies in New England, as well as across the nation, increasingly scarce.

NBN wonders if the Marketing and PR teams at Dean Foods, the diary giant and owner of Horizon Organic are thinking or creating something in response. From what I hear about Dean’s corporate ethos, it’s unlikely. But maybe something good will happen. After all, organic milk is more profitable and that’s Dean’s strength, making profits. And this time their strength might combine with something other than just what’s good for their bottom line.


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