Scharffen Berger Slurped Up By Giant

Hershey Extends Reach To Upscale Chocolate Lovers 

Now that someone no longer owns Scharffen Berger we care for, it’s time to reveal a nasty comment made by a colleague earlier this spring.

“The more I eat Dagoba, the more Scharffen Berger is starting to taste like Hershey.”

We’ll see if the candy giant keeps the upscale bars upscale or debauches the line like so many other corporate giants have done with their premium quality purchases.

Seriously though, Scharffen Berger is one my favorite and NBN offers our congratulations to John Scharffenberger, the pioneer of American artisan chocolate makers.

What is more remarkable is that he also was the visionary behind Scharffenberger Cellars the California winemaker that created a sparkling wine many said was the first in the U.S. to match the quality of French champagne.

Let’s hope he puts that Hershey cash to some good use and launches a third revolution.

In the meantime eat Dagoba, cause its organic, fair-trade AND owned by a small entrepreneur and chocolate maven Frederick Schilling.


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