The Real Dirt on Farm Aid, Farmer John and Some Down Home Music

The 20th annual Farm Aid concert was a huge success this Sunday. Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Dave Matthews, Emmylou Harris, Kenny Chesney, John Mellencamp, Wilco and others performed for over 10 hours before a crowd of 28,000. Ticket sales grossed $1.3 million with a portion directed to aid Gulf Coast hurricane relief effort victims as well as to support the organizations ongoing effort to sustain family farms.

Speaking of family farms, sweat, backbone, guts and someone who makes you want to put on a pair of overalls, or at least grow some parsley on the window sill, check out the superb documentary, The Real Dirt on Farmer John.

Farmer John, as you might have guessed, is about a farmer named John. (Sorry sometimes we can’t resist being bratty). This movie chronicles the life of John Peterson, an artist and visionary who transforms an ailing farm in rural Illinois into a thriving, organic, sustainable enterprise that really serves up as big a dose of inspiration as any movie can. In other words no matter what you are up to in life, this movie will inspire you to stop talking about it and start being the person who does it.

The film has won tons of awards, including prizes at the prestigious Sundance, Chicago and San Francisco Film Festivals.

Check out The Real Dirt’s homepage for more info and how to bring the film to your hometown .

And take a look at the filmmakers who made the movie too. The folks at Collective Eye are creative, inspired artists committed to creating change through non-profit, non-fiction films. See more about their passion here.


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