Website Review: TeaTrends Has Us Sipping At the Information Superhighway

Frankly we prefer coffee but is a site that not only had us sipping from its well-designed and informative sections but also wondering if we really hated Earl Grey as much as we think. After trying a cup, we decided we still do. Nonetheless we love this site. Teatrends provides a terrific blend of industry insider news with information for anyone who likes something hot, adding up to more information on tea than anyone this side of Great Britain really needs to know. There are numerous sections, all easy to navigate that includes an online Tea Class 101, Tea Map, a directory with reviews of tearooms across the U.S., Tea Chat section where tea geeks (I think they probably call themselves aficionados) share hints on brewing and much much more, the Tea Muse, a great blog-like section and even a Tea Chef section devoted to the recipes using tea in cooking. We love its easy to read sections, the great looking design and the fact that this tea-ccentric site has a sense of humor too. Oh yeah, and they’ll send you free samples too.


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