Where Art Thou Cap’n Crunch?

In an announcement nearly as surprising as the fact that Starbuck’s opened a new store up this week, the Quaker Oats Company announced the results of a company sponsored study. Tufts University psychologists found that boys and girls did better on tests when they ate oatmeal than when they ate Cap’n Crunch. Furthermore the study confirmed previous tests that simply eating any breakfast cereal helped children get better test results.

So just in case this isn’t clear. Eating sugar-laden cereal isn’t as good for you as eating oatmeal. And eating nothing at all after sleeping all night isn’t as good for you as just eating anything.

NBN hope’s they donated money or product to a food bank or school meal program as part of this groundbreaking research. That way we wouldn’t feel so bad about the inanity of corporate market research.


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